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General information


In the CAN you will find ideal spaces for to work, autonomy at your own daily rhythm and a good environment for creativity. You will also receive personalized treatment and support, and if you wish, an introduction to the environment. If not arranged otherwise, residents must provide food for breakfast and lunch. The CAN offers daily dinner - except Sundays - in the community dining room of La Bastida (8:30 p.m.), the only time to respect within the free work pace of each one. Every week the sheets are changed for our staff. Residents, however, must take care of the maintenance of living spaces and throw away the garbage they generate in the containers at the entrance of the village, and the organic material in the green containers of the center.

For the development of the work project, bring the materials you think are necessary, since there are not many specialized shops in the region. We must also know that our environment is very rich in organic and mineral materials. When the project contemplates some type of intervention in the open air, it must first expose the intentions to the director for its approval.

When you arrive at Farrera you have to ask for those responsible for the Center: Lluís, Anna or Arnau. They will show you your place of residence and workshop.